My Theory About False Awakenings

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My Theory About False Awakenings

Post by hydro1 » January 22nd, 2017, 10:02 pm

I've had many theories over my course on this site, but this one my make more sense than any other.

So you know how a false awakening work, we when we think we wake up but turns out we still in a dream, the dream usually consists of us waking in bed with a bit of lucidity to boot, making us think we are really awake, but something is always off or different that tells us we aren't awake. Anyway so supposedly we go through a ton of dreams throughout the night, or should I say transition into many dreams, but what if I told you we been actually having dreams within a dream, basically INCEPTION, Yes I said it each night we go through many Inceptions dreams within dreams, but how does that explain False awakening you ask? well depending on the traumatics of the dream you having sometimes in order to wake up fully we will have to go through all the dreams we had leading up to the one we may be currently having. The false awakening one will happen between the Physical and the etheric planes. I think our first dream always happen on the etheric planes, then we begin moving up or down depending on how drained we are of energy before going to sleep, most of us fit this state of being. anyway The etheric plane fits so closely to the physical one that we often wind up actually waking or becoming aware on this plane before waking in the physical plane, and at that point we are basically interacting with or loved ones astral selves.
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