For one night only i was in and out of my body

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For one night only i was in and out of my body

Post by John12345 » February 27th, 2016, 6:19 pm

John12345 with just stuff on my mind . I just told about my first time out of body . My next , also 20 years back. I am in my first house , its about 8 pm , my daughter is a sleep up stairs . My ex wife out doing part time work , she had just started . I felt great had the house to my self , I put some music on . lay on couch , I have no idea how or why , but I am maybe 2 feet above my body. I am floating above my self thinking wow , as I am thinking I slowly go back down . Wow I woke fully , sat up . I lay back down , what seems like no time , I am back out floating . I just thought about it and , i go back down . But now I knew how I done it , eyes open . I wanted another go. It was all my breathing , I shut my eyes and start deep breathing . Its that easy or was that night .I have not done it since I try , just not happened.

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Re: For one night only i was in and out of my body

Post by hydro1 » February 28th, 2016, 12:55 am

Congrats on making it out. Best way to prolong the experience is to get as far away from the body as possible, because the longer you stay by it, you will get sucked back in. So you want to continue experiencing Astral projection well here are some techniques to help you achieve more.

induction-techniques/sleep-paralysis-te ... -t239.html

Both these will help you with your journey, if you need more help we are here to assist

Good luck and happy travels:)
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